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Zao-Pencil multipurpose plum 606
100 % Natural
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1.17 gr

Find some intense and deep colors to highlight your eyes and contour of your lips.

Try these multipurpose pencils (for eyes, lips and eyebrows) with natural & organic ingredients, respectful of your skin, specially dedicated for sensitive eyes and skin (suitable for contact lens wearers).

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For the eyes

The eye pencil is perfect to emphasize your look. To be applied at the edge of the eyelashes of each eyelid for an intense makeup. Draw a line of varying thickness starting from the outer corner. Blend a bit the line on the lower eyelid which needs to be less covered. Apply eye pencil before eye shadow to set the makeup.

Beauty tip ZAO: If you're tired, do not wear makeup on the lower eyelid, which would accentuate dark circles. For a perfect "doe eye" effect, trace the outline of your eye while going up, accentuating the outside line.

For the Lips

The lip liner allows you to draw your lips and is best used in conjunction with a ZAO lipstick or gloss. It extends ideally lipstick holding and prevents it from spinning. Feel free to powder with ZAO mineral silk or compact powder to fix the line.

Beauty tip ZAO: Draw the outline of the lips before applying the red or gloss. Start with the "V" of the upper lip and the middle of the lower lip. Then go up from the corners of the lips to connect the points.

For the eyebrows

The eyebrow pencil makes your look more intense. Brush eyebrows up and down and redraw them using the natural course of hairs. Directed down, they give a certain "languishing" to your look, at the opposite directed up, the look becomes more "chic“. Feel free to powder with ZAO mineral silk or compact powder to fix the line.

Beauty tip ZAO: If your face is oval, choose the eyebrows with natural curves. For round faces, increase the angle to "break" the roundness. If your face is long, choose long and slightly accented eyebrows. Finally, if your face is square, make sure you set a "soft" curve to soften facial features.

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